segunda-feira, julho 14, 2008

A Multi-touch Table With 3D Display - Gizmo Watch

A Multi-touch Table With 3D Display - Gizmo Watch: "The Coperion Group released all details about the interactive information desk to its visitors at the plastics fair, K 2007, held at Dusseldorf. The concept was developed jointly by the research and design centers at Wuerzburg and the Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt. The interactive display table is completely three-dimensional and can be viewed in real-time. Images can be enlarged into a transparent presentation, which is made possible by the new instant-reality technology from Fraunhofer IGD. One of the priority objectives of the multi-touch table was the presentation of an ideal interlocutor situation developed on the basis of interaction logic and refraining from additional input devices. Even inexperienced users would able to use the system without additional help since all entries, queries or details are done with the touch of the fingertips. This multi-touch table certainly helps with three-dimensional presentations."

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