domingo, novembro 23, 2008

China And Nanotech Deliver World's Thinnest Speakers - Gizmo Watch

China And Nanotech Deliver World's Thinnest Speakers - Gizmo Watch: "Nanotech is the next big thing from the smallest possibility. We are headed for near invisible appliances, and speakers or the other sound producing tools seem to have met the transformation already. Chinese researchers at Tsinghua University have created flexible speakers, 1/1,000th the width of a single human hair, which could someday see the light of the day – but HOW as the only bewilderment that looms over our confused heads?
What’s innovative:
Portability and flexibility are the most compelling factors that have troubled the wittiest in production houses and labs. Super thin transparent carbon nanotube films were mounted onto two electrodes to form a simple loudspeaker by the researchers; the end result was a product that delivered the same quality sound as the conventional speaker, all this without the use of magnets and any moving components – the most useful mechanisms of the usual speakers"

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