sexta-feira, abril 03, 2009

Ultra Thin Speakers, Sound Of The Future - Gizmo Watch

Ultra Thin Speakers, Sound Of The Future - Gizmo Watch: "This may not rank up there with flying cars and intelligent robots, but the Flat, Flexible Loudspeakers (FFL) sound pretty awesome. These paper-thin speakers made of flexible laminates can be put nearly anywhere, thanks to their flexibility and size. Also, the developer, Warwick Audio Technology, claims that it has a more widespread sound pattern as compared to conventional speakers, mainly because the entire air mass in front of the speakers is moved, as opposed to a comparatively smaller mass from the conventional pinpoint source.

Initially, the system will be put to use in large spaces, like airports and train terminals, allowing for clear and better-sounding announcements. But of course, the possibilities are huge, and current audio systems may soon become vintage.

Via: Dvice"

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