domingo, janeiro 17, 2010

Ferrari Enzo Modulo II

Ferrari Enzo Modulo II - Image Gallery

Paolo Martin has presented a proposal for a modern reinterpretation of his 1968 Ferrari Modulo iconic dream car. The new concept idea is based on an original drawing from 1967, revised and adapted to be used with the Ferrari Enzo chassis.

Ferrari Enzo Modulo Sketch

The new proposal by Italian designer Paolo Martin is a modern reinterpretation of the Ferrari Modulo, adapted for the Ferrari Enzo chassis - hence the suggestive name Ferrari Enzo Modulo II.

Paolo Martin explains: "Recently I have noticed a certain attention towards the 1968 Ferrari Modulo, with a number of attempts at reinterpreting the original design.

"I feel honoured that after a whole generation the Modulo is still capable of evoking strong emotions."

"Feeling a bit provoked and stimulated, I took an original drawing from 1967 and I updated it, basing it on the Ferrari Enzo chassis while maintaining the original spirit."

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