domingo, maio 25, 2008

Quantum Physics & the Quest for the Perfect Internet

Quantum Physics & the Quest for the Perfect Internet: "Communication on the Internet takes place via tiny pulses of light that are continually becoming weaker as the network handles the increasing flow of information. Eventually we will reach the limit for how weak the pulses can be and still be able to function as information carriers. But a Quantum Internet, where information is encoded in quantum properties of tiny pulses, would open up a whole new world of online possibilities—a system without many of the limits faced by the current system.
A network of quantum computers communicating with each other reliably over macroscopic distances would be able to perform both quantum and classical computations in much more secure fashion.
But in order for a quantum-based network to function physicists must first create new ways to detect and store light information in atoms, a so-called quantum memory. And that is exactly what researchers have been attempting over the past several years.
Recently physicists at the University of Michigan have coaxed two separate atoms to communicate with a sort of quantum intuition that Albert Einstein referred to as 'spooky.' In doing so, the researchers have made another advancement toward super-fast quantum computing and a building block for a quantum Internet."

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