sábado, agosto 23, 2008

Nanopaper Is Nearly Impossible To Tear Off - Gizmo Watch

Nanopaper Is Nearly Impossible To Tear Off - Gizmo Watch: "Being a shopoholic, I often encounter the agony of my newly bought stuff falling to the ground courtesy of flimsy paper bags that tear very easily. Luckily, researchers in Sweden and Japan have come up with a new type of paper that has the tensile strength of cast iron. Unbelievable as it is, but this “nanopaper” made of cellulose nanofibril film stands at roughly one-thousandth of the width of conventional fiber with the nanofibrils strongly adhering to one another lending the paper its super-strong quality. Though researchers haven’t planned to have the paper in commercial use for now, they say that whenever it does make it into mass usage, it might be in the guise of a reinforcing material and sadly not as super-strong shopping bags or newspapers.
Source: NY Times"

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