terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2008

Angelis Labor Gabriel

Angelis Labor Gabriel: "GABRIEL - Debut September 2008

A true reference turntable equipped with a base that can accept up to four arms. The materials used include aluminum, bronze and stainless steel. The turntable and arm are totally decoupled at several points - beneath the base, beneath the turntable and beneath the pin, using a magnetic field calibrated and controlled with great precision.

Type: magnetic levitation
Transmission: double Belt in special material
Thrust block: Magnetic levitation with absolutely no friction or noise. The tolerance levels of the mechanical parts are incredibly low.
Power supply: Three speeds, 33 – 45 – 78 rpm with fine regulation. The motor is controlled by two electronic cards, the first controls the speed electronically and the second card reduces the motor vibrations by means of electrical adjustment of the phase of the motor itself.

The Gabriel Arm is made in Modena, Italy in the same factory where they construct precision parts in highly technical alloys for Ferrari. The arm is a very sophisticated achievement of which we are very proud. The Gabriel turntable and arm require absolutely no antiskating and in fact have no provisions for it. The turntable system is composed of three parts - the table and base for one to four arms; the 13-inch arm; and the cartridge. The Gabriel frame consists of two cone sections created by overlapping bronze with aluminium. These sections are joined by an aluminum rod. The first cone supports the turntable bearing, the second the arm and its mount. The assembled unit is quite tall and heavy: over 30 kilos. In terms of appearance, this is one of those analog monuments which catches everyone's eye the first time they see it."