sábado, dezembro 20, 2008

Sony Sountina $10,000 Functional Glass Speaker | Elite Choice

Sony Sountina $10,000 Functional Glass Speaker Elite Choice: "Respecting huge conference rooms and halls, Sony’s tubular non-directional speaker (NSA-PF1) was just a concept until a year ago and now is on the verge to touch reality by 20 June. This sci-fi looking 6-foot glass speaker looks like any ordinary transparent organic glass tube that vibrates and inflates sound to 360 degrees. Maintaining a frequency response of 50Hz – 20,000Hz, the speaker features an input line, coaxial, optical, subwoofer (13cm), a medium speaker (7cm), and a 3-foot tweeter breeding purple shade made of organic glass.
Retailed at an anticipated price of $10,000; the speaker measures 325×1845x325mm and weighs 12.5kg and assures sound quality as well.
Interesting insight in to the would-be speakers:"

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