domingo, abril 06, 2008

'Time Machine' A Possible Reality - Gear Up For A Trip In Time - Gizmo Watch

"The 1860’s idea of the ‘Time Machine’ then presented by the author H.G.Wells seems to be getting momentum. In his new book entitled ‘The Physics of the Impossible’, renowned physicist and Professor at the New York’s City University, Michio Kaku has not just backed up the idea of time travel becoming a reality but estimates that it will be possible just a few hundred years from now! This ever awaited journey of mankind would be possible through ‘wormholes’, predicts Professor Kaku. Conceptually, a wormhole is an universal outlet that allows us to travel from one part of the Cosmos to the other in zero time. That’s a theoretical point at which the time stops and hence humans could freely ‘travel’ in any era: from that of ultra hi-tech Star Wars to the age of gigantic reptiles during the Jurrasic!
It is not just time travel. In this book Professor Kaku has analysed many ideas have been conventionally considered as practically impossible as they do not govern to the laws of Physics, in any of the practical situations. If they exist, they are confined to the calculations and theologies that take into account the ideal conditions due to which these concepts were born. ‘The Physics of the Impossible’ broadly categorizes many such popular concepts into three categories: 1. ideas that would be possible in the next century, 2. ideas that would take a few milleniums more and 3. ideas that are impossible.
Interestingly, Professor Kaku predicts teleportation, telepathy, laser guns, invisibility, force fields, and the discovery of extraterrestrial life would be possible at the most, just a hundred years from now! Infact, most of these concepts are already in experimentation phase. Category two includes the favorite time travel, attaining the speed of light and discovery of parallel universes.
Category three includes the impossible perpetual motion machine: a machine that experiences a zero drag and consumes no energy. Critics have called this work as a bluff and his attempt to stay in spotlight. Professor Kaku is one of the earliest proponents of the string theory which has always been a debatable issues among the physicists. However, his predictions of category one stand on firm ground of becoming a reality in not very far away future!
Source: Foxnews"

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