domingo, abril 20, 2008

Transistors Go Atom-sized - Gizmo Watch

Transistors Go Atom-sized - Gizmo Watch: "In yet another innovation that could further Moore’s law and make it much more relevant, even in the future, we now have a transistor created by British scientists that rivals an atom in size. The transistor which has dimensions of 1 atom in thickness and 10 atoms in width is made up of a new material called graphene. Graphene is a hybrid material made up of graphite and has a structure like chicken wire. Electrons travel ten times faster in graphene than in silicon and this makes graphene an ideal material to be used by semiconductors of the future. The chicken wire structure also enables better electrical conductivity. These factors in combination with miniaturization makes the new graphene transistor a material that we all could see in electronic gadgets of the future.
Via: crunchgear"

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