sexta-feira, abril 04, 2008

Phorone: A Robot Secretary - Gizmo Watch

Phorone: A Robot Secretary - Gizmo Watch: "Taking the android robot to stratospheric heights, Kokoro Dreams of the Fembot fame have made one more android robot, the Phorone. The Phorone is a robot that could potentially replace your secretary, well it really can. The Phorone is designed to be a secretary robot and for that it even looks like one. The Phorone wears a short skirt and looks very leggy considering it’s 175 centimetre height. The only jarring part is the Phorone’s thighs which are a little disproportionate. Apart from this little glitch, the Phorone looks like a typical upmarket secretary with glasses and even a cute hair cut. The Phorone is powered by compressed air and can even deliver human like expressions and even talk. And, if any of reading this are crazy enough to be wanting to have the Phorone as your secretary, you won’t like to hear this. The Phorone is a prototype and will not be rented out like Kokoro’s previous offering, so all you can do for the time being is to admire the Phorone’s picture.
Via: newlaunches"

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