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'The Access' gives an access of fitness to the physically challenged

Jul 10 2009

Naresh Chauhan | Jul 10 2009

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Fitness is perhaps the most important aspects for all the living beings, but it becomes inevitable for the physically challenged as physical strength guides the course of life and prepares people to take on the challenges of modern existence. But, we don’t have adequate fitness centers or equipments for the people with limited physical ability, leaving them vulnerable at the hands of the fate. An entry at the James Dyson Award design competition, “The Access” is a handicap-friendly fitness center that greets those with various disabilities and able-bodied users alike. Bridging the gap between segregated users, the innovative fitness center provides an equal opportunity to stay fit and healthy.
Integrating a central tower with two arms, each rotating 180 degrees independently, extending laterally, the fitness center lets a user achieve a personalized workout catered to his/her body type, despite of his/her size, shape or mobility level. The Access boasts touch points for easy adjustment of height and weight, and users don’t need to pull pins, pinch fingers and contort their body in awkward positions anymore. The fitness center, providing the equipments that bends to the needs of special user, allows a non-intimidating, seamless interaction between user and machine.

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