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SiFi Ryder for easy surveillance in hostile terrain

SiFi Ryder for easy surveillance in hostile terrain

Naresh Chauhan | 23 hr. ago

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sifi ryder_01

Spying or surveillance is a demanding as well as dangerous job, just meant for experts, which requires refined tools to make an operation successful. Designed by Christopher Hall, the SiFi Ryder is a small manned or unmanned surveyor’s vehicle that makes surveillance quick and easy, no matter what the conditions are. Powered by a jet engine, the short-range vehicle gives a lightweight motorcycle feel. Featuring a landing gear that is made to drop down on all kinds of surfaces, the SiFi Ryder can take off from a stand steal as well. One of the cool things about the SiFi Ryder is, if an environment is too hostile for humans the Ryder can go in unmanned and take data, which helps in reducing unnecessary casualties.
sifi ryder_02
sifi ryder_03
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[Thanks Christopher]

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