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Peugeot Epine Concept

Peugeot Epine Concept

10 July 2009 | New designers

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The Peugeot Epine Concept is a design study of a hybrid sportscar featuring airless tires and a minimalistic design with a hale skeleton-inspired exposed frame. It was designed by CCS graduate Daniel Schumpert.

The brief of the project was to create an eco-friendly hybrid vehicle that could offer its occupants a racing track experience while at the same time providing a new way of being in contact with nature.

Peugeot Epine
Peugeot Epine

The minimalistic design takes inspiration from racing vehicles - motorcycles and Formula One cars - and nature elements - in this case a whale skeleton.

Peugeot Epine Design PanelPeugeot Epine Design PanelPeugeot Epine Design Panel

The main technical feature is the Epine (spine) system, which allows for a full motion of seating arrangements thanks to the adoption of drive-by-wire technology for the steering system.

Peugeot Epine Rendering
Peugeot Epine Rendering

The powerplant is located at the rear while the storage compartment is in the front. The suspension system adopts the Michelin Tweel concept (airless wheels) and is housed inside the wheel itself. The materials and layout of allow for the wheel spokes to compress and uncompress offering for a wide range of motion.

Peugeot EpinePeugeot EpinePeugeot Epine

The main dimensions are a total length of 4,260 mm, a width of 1,882 mm and a height of 1,153 mm.

About the Designer

Daniel Schumpert graduated from the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit MI with a BFA in Transportation Design.

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