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Nike Hindsight concept gives super vision to cyclists

Nike Hindsight concept gives super vision to cyclists

Bharat | Jul 6 2009

nike hindsight 2

Cyclists are most vulnerable to accidents on road, and there no cause arguing the fact. Often going unnoticed, they get run over by reckless drivers. To maximize the growing trend of bicycling and to minimize accidents, designer Billy May has conceived a concept for Nike dubbed the Hindsight, which attached to the glasses extends the cyclist’s peripheral vision by up to 25° on either side.

Nike Hindsight is attachable curved Fresnel lenses which are struck to the cyclist’s glasses to help him dodge hazards with super vision. Detecting dangers beyond the humanely possible 180° degrees is a great advantage for all vigilant riders, but morons who still wanna dream on that seat, can go take a bang.

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Via: GadgetGrid/Technabob

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