sábado, julho 11, 2009

Terrain Adventurer is an all-terrain vehicle at a mammoth scale

Naresh Chauhan | 23 hr. ago
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Usually compact or lightweight vehicles are considered safe and efficient for off-road driving and severe climate conditions. Breaking the barriers, designer Patrick Clarke has designed a large haulage vehicle dubbed “Terrain Adventurer” that will make your way through tough terrains. Running on 10-wheel-drive layout and retractable track system (located at the centre), the Terrain Adventurer comes integrated with a sealed rubber section that contains the important parts and helps the vehicle move smoothly even in icy or wet terrains. Powered by the Mercedes-Benz 16 liter turbo diesel V8 engine, the gigantic ATV features a huge windscreen that curves around the pillars and a deep frontal area, which allows a better view of the road for the driver.
The Terrain Adventurer also comprises a sealed rubber section, placed in front of the 6 rear wheels, which extends the cargo area by up to 3m. In addition, the off-road vehicle includes six sets of headlights for a better view during nights, together with pull out stairs, hidden in front of the face wheels. While the back doors of the trailer open both vertically and horizontally for easier access.


Via: Diseno-art

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