domingo, março 30, 2008

Caracol Keyboard: A Concept For One Handed Typing - Gizmo Watch

"The Caracol is a computer keyboard that absolutely rubbishes all convention and takes to an entirely new approach to simplify typing. Of all animals, the Caracol takes inspiration from the snail, and now if you think the Caracol does the job as slow as the snail itself, you will be in for a real shock. You can type blindingly fast and all that just with one hand. For this, Caracol, uses a rotary keyboard on a wheel through which you slip your palm. The keyboard or rather, keywheel rests on a nice and comfortable, ergonomic pad very similar to the mousepad on which you rest the heel of your palm. The loop has a 5:1 gearbox which enables it to rotate even with a small movement of the palm.
Now, a slight movement of your hand to the left gets this wheel/loop spinning to the left and to whichever keys you want to access and a similar result for a slight movement to the right. Thus, you can access all the keys quickly and type almost telepathically as you will find the keys automatically falling to your fingers than your fingers locating them, as is the case in conventional keyboards. The rotating keywheel retains the qwerty format but uses symmetry to achieve all this with tri directional keys which allows you to to type 3 characters with one key. Though it is still a concept, it looks exciting enough and we need to first use one of these to know how comfortable and effective this design can really be. Till then, watch this space."

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