sábado, março 15, 2008

FineDrive CUVi: The Smallest Gadget - Gizmo Watch

FineDrive CUVi: The Smallest Gadget - Gizmo Watch: "Here comes a mini DMB and GPS personal navigation device named CUVi from Korean brand- Finedrive, that is extremely portable owing to its compact exterior. In all probability, it is one of the smallest gadgets enough to fit in just about any pocket. It’s a combination of some rare features clubbed together. It is available in a black body with smoothed edges that tip the scales at just 152 grams and measures up to a meager 8.89cm. This makes the CUVi even more portable. Where the other Korean brands are filling the market with 7″ systems, it’s the one having a 3.5″ LCD.
Moreover, it contains music and movie playback lending it more usability. It’s fully loaded with a DMB support, and its battery can run for 2 hours on play mode. In addition to it, an optional large size of battery for longer hours is provided with it. The recommended price for the base model is set to be 300,000 KRW ($305). So, if you really look to get the best, this is the one for you.
Source: Navigadget"

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