domingo, março 30, 2008

Voisin Is The Concept I Drool For, Infact We Drool For - Auto Motto

Voisin Is The Concept I Drool For, Infact We Drool For - Auto Motto: "Voisin, this name sounds tempting, no? Well, if it doesn’t then the details related to this name will surely have you drooling over your PC. No, it’s not another hot super-model but it’s something that every man desires - an amazing car that will have everyone’s eyes stuck on it.
I know I’m over-exaggerating as this is about a concept car, but it is coming from one of the greatest designers of auto world. The guy behind Ferrari Dino and Hansen GT, Ernesto Freitas, is back at it and this time his work is dubbed as Voisin. For me the concept is as tempting as its name. It is a concept but greatest part is that Ernesto is looking for some investors for his concept under his own brand Luso Motors.
His new concept is inspired by Bugatti Veyron and is supposedly designed as a car with a large rear engine. Other than that we don’t really have much info available (as of now), but hopefully we’ll soon be astounded by the specs whenever they come our way, because these images are good enough to tell us that we are in for some treat. So, you can drool and kill yourself over the thoughts of getting this one by viewing the computer rendered images of the concept in the gallery below while we dig deeper to find details of the project."

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