sábado, março 15, 2008

Geotagging, The Newest Hottest Thing In Photography - Gizmo Watch

Geotagging, The Newest Hottest Thing In Photography - Gizmo Watch: "Geo tagging is now possible for all camera phones and digital cameras with the new ATP Photo Finder. This device tags the geographic location of each image you capture. For this, the ATP has an LCD display which displays time and photo information apart from the current location. All you have to do is synchronize the ATP’s clock with that of your digital camera and start clicking away. After you are done, you have to plug in your camera’s memory card to the ATP’s card reader which will geo-tag the location information onto all your photographs. This Device also has a built in memory of 128mb. If all that doesn’t cut the ice for you, there’s more to come. The ATP can be synchronised to a variety of online software applications like Google Earth, Picasa 2, etc. The ATP Photo Finder is compatible with all the digital camera’s which support JPEG images, thus letting you to use the ATP Photo Finder across a range of digital camera brands which makes it a must have device for serious photographers and their ilk. Come april, you can buy the ATP Photo Finder for around $197."

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