quinta-feira, março 06, 2008

Microsoft StartKey Flash Drive: Replacing Outdated U3 Smart - Gizmo Watch

Microsoft StartKey Flash Drive: Replacing Outdated U3 Smart - Gizmo Watch: "Microsoft has come up with a USB flash drive known as StartKey. It’s not an entirely new concept as per ZDNet. The software giant Microsoft, after striking a deal with SanDisk, is now all set to replace U3 Smart Technology with unspecified software. As with U3, now you won’t have to worry about anything being left behind on the computer after unplugging the drive. By the end of this year, Microsoft is going to make available the USB flash drive that can store your files, settings, mobiles apps., and your movable profile. StartKey will be integrated with Windows-based PCs and Windows Live services making it extremely useful to regular multiple PC users. It’s certain that Microsoft won’t limit its move to USB drives only, but include SD cards and more. StartKey assures to alter any workstation or kiosk into your own tailored workplace. It can carry a complete bootable installation for easy and transportable computing. The drive is so very valuable for those not having personal computers or laptops and have to visit places with data always handy. It’s a matter to be thought over if the StartKey is going to support only Windows-based PCs. Is there any possibility of StartKey causing some serious security concerns for other companies? Only time can tell, stay positive.
Source: Ubergizmo"

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