segunda-feira, junho 02, 2008

Experience Virtualized Reality With The Third Eye - Gizmo Watch

Experience Virtualized Reality With The Third Eye - Gizmo Watch: "If you are addicted to playing games that are set up in the virtual world, then without doubt subconsciously a part of you would be yearning to exist in that world. Though it isn’t exactly possible, but just to get a feel of it, Japanese designer Takehito Etani has conceived a devise called Third Eye. This video device is mounted onto the user’s head enabling the user to experience perception from outside of his body. It consists of a mono-eyed goggle with a 2-inch LCD monitor and a tiny surveillance camera held above the user’s head. Although the user may look like a Maritian, this kinda system enables the user to feel that he is the character moving about in a virtual space. Akin to that of a 3D video game in which the user controls and follows a given character from behind! Watch out for the video......."

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