segunda-feira, junho 30, 2008

Kage Roi - An Intelligent Brainstorming System - Gizmo Watch

Kage Roi - An Intelligent Brainstorming System - Gizmo Watch: "Brainstorming sessions are an important part of a company’s planning and strategy development. However, during a brainstorming session, the members might run out of ideas, reach a deadlock, or simply they might not be able to think further. IT Company Kayac has teamed up with Keio University and developed a system, Kage Roi, which might help in brainstorming sessions. It would, when it materializes, listen to the members and bombard them with related data and images to help them generate new ideas. The system would rely upon speech recognition software, which would identify keywords and search the net and present the info on the table. The system is meant to be aesthetic and also features an ambient, multi coloured LED lighting system that is designed to encourage creativity by altering the ambiance and mood in the room. The company plans to manufacture and market it in the near future.
Via: PinkTentacle"

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