segunda-feira, junho 09, 2008

Rocket Car Hits The Streets Of LA - Gizmo Watch

Rocket Car Hits The Streets Of LA - Gizmo Watch: "A new cool looking Rocket Car hit the streets last weekend and was spotted parked at Silver Lake. This retro looking rocket car looks like a thing out of SciFi with it’s bomb shaped design and massive fan in the back. Although there are many neat designs and cars that come out of LA, this one is sure to go into the record books for most ingenious design.
When I heard about this car, my first thought was “yeah right”, but when I looked into it further and found out it was true, I was blown away. This man had made this himself and created it out of almost nothing. The back end, the fan and tail lights spin in unison. This invention truly is a marvel. It also gives you that kind of retro look. Like someone else pointed out, it looks like something out of Penelope Pitstop. It really does too."

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