segunda-feira, junho 02, 2008

The World’s Largest Digital Display Sans ‘backlight’ - Gizmo Watch

The World’s Largest Digital Display Sans ‘backlight’ - Gizmo Watch: "Digital displays and backlights now go together like the proverbial bread and butter; it’s been a long while since we’ve seen a digital display that was devoid of any backlights. The Kraft Group aims to change all that with the World’s largest digital non emissive display they are putting up in a sports exhibit hall. The 40 foot long and 5 foot wide display, built on technology provided with Israel’s magink will be the largest of its kind. These displays are built of a cholesterol-like material, arranged in a DNA-like sequence. Change the arrangement of the DNA helix, and it changes the image visible by manipulating colors on the display. This allows moving displays with a frame rate as good as 60fps.

Kraft describes its displays as high on contrast and resolution, while being low on cost and energy consumption. A large savings in the cost and energy consumption must come from the ‘non-emissive’ attribute of these displays. Since these displays are non-emissive they can only be viewed in presence of ambient lighting. This simply means that these displays can work well in the day or under good lighting conditions, but for poor light conditions, lighting will be required."

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