quarta-feira, junho 11, 2008

Is It Really Possible To Build A 'conscious Machine' ? - Gizmo Watch

Is It Really Possible To Build A 'conscious Machine' ? - Gizmo Watch: "How would you build a conscious machine? Well to begin with I’d get Life Insurance and then take my brain and put it in a jar and freeze my body. Then hundreds of years later wake me up and transplant me into an IronMan. Yes, I partially got that idea from the movie IronMan and from Futurama. I’m still going to do it though. But more to the point, Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi both have good points of in their articles that they wrote on consciousness and robots. Strictly speaking, I do not believe we will be able to “evolve” machines into having a conscious self because in the first place we have to give them that consciousness so, actually they are only conscious of what you tell them. So, if you tell them 2+2=5 then to them, that is the answer. But in reality it is 4, but do they know any different? The whole way to go about this is in an adverse way and giving them their own room to evolve naturally and adapt."

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