segunda-feira, junho 09, 2008

The Reflection HTPC - A Gorgeous PC For Your Living Room - Gizmo Watch

The Reflection HTPC - A Gorgeous PC For Your Living Room - Gizmo Watch: "There’s something about those PC modders that make me go crazy for them. They can give you the mightiest of jolt by the sheer magnitude of their indulgence in their passion to revamp those boring rectangular boxes (read: conventional PC cases). It was just a couple of days back that I had brought to you the USS Enterprise PC mod and now, here’s something that’s sure to rule your hearts, if not the mighty sea. I’m talking about The Reflection HTPC by Wolverine. The Reflection HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) is a gorgeous combination of mighty hardware and some breathtaking features. This powerhouse is built around an AMD 4850E dual core processor and consists of 2GB of Corsair memory, two Seagate Barracuda ST31000340AS HDDs, and a Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon USB LCD.
Now, thats a pretty impressive specs chart for a Home Theater PC. As far as the real thing, ie. the revamped look is concerned, all I can say is that nothing can beat this gorgeous PC mod. And when I say nothing can beat it, I really mean it. Its a beautiful composition designed to command the highest position in any living room. Watch more images after the jump or click here to get the complete picture of the Reflection HTPC right from it’s conception to the final showdown."

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